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Freedom Razor Blade Refills

Freedom Razor Blade Refills

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Razor Blade

SHAVE WITH FREEDOM!  Designed for a close, comfortable shave.  Auto-ship now available.

  • Aloe + Vitamin E lubricating strip provides an even glide and a smooth finish
  • Premium quality German blades - no scraping or tugging
  • 4-blade comes with trimmer/edging blade on top
  • 3-blade is easy on the wallet and easy rinsing (great for guys who tend to clog their blades or knocking down multi-day stubble)

Each package contains:

  • Your choice of eight (8), twelve (12) or sixteen (16) refill cartridges - packed in convenient storage trays (4 blades per tray)


Note: Freedom handles and Freedom razor cartridges are not compatible with our 1776 series razors.


"Great product and superb customer service. Customer for life."

-Johnny, South Carolina

"Great razor, looks good, feels good and shaves good. What more could I ask. Highly recommend."

- Jeffrey, Texas

Customer Reviews

Based on 713 reviews
Charles B. (Chapel Hill, NC)
Blade Type: 4-Blade
Great shave!

I switched from Henry’s (too unpatriotic) and Jeremy’s (very poor shave). Your blades rock!

Patrick W. (Phoenix, AZ)
Blade Type: 3-Blade

Sharp and smooth shave. Who needs more

Scot K. (Van Nuys, CA)
Blade Type: 3-Blade, 4-Blade

After trying the 3-blade (and a few nicks to show for it ; )) I am going back to the 4-blade which imho seemed to be a bit easier on my skin (bald head).

Customer (Fort Wayne, IN)
Freedom Rocks

Love the razor. Shaves great! Very glad I switched and am glad I am supporting a non woke American company.

Bob Z. (Grimsley, TN)
Blade Type: 4-Blade
Best Ever

Sharpest, tested on a dry shave, least apt to cut because of it, So far not lost any sharpness, so that beats all predecessors by far. The handle fits like the best tool ever, and I have bad neuropathy, carpal tunnel, can drop a fork! You can just tell it is well made when you first examine it. This is all not an exxaggeration in any way. You will toss any store bought razors you have after one try. It is as though I went into a razor making shop and they made it for me, my hand, my shaving needs. Service, communication, the best. God Bless this company.

Jesse V. (Cleburne, TX)
Blade Type: 3-Blade
Good Shave

It gives me a good shave. Thank you

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    We know Patriots work hard every day, and we do the same for you!

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    Patriot Shave exists to do business with Traditional Americans who love Traditional America. Shop with a company that respects your values, not a woke corporation that despises you (but is all too happy to take your hard earned money)!

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    As "Patriots serving Patriots", we stand behind our products and want you to be happy with your Patriot Shave.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your shave, please contact us and we will be glad to send you another blade option, at no charge.