About Us

We are an independently owned & operated business - by all accounts ordinary Americans, trying to make an extraordinary impact on our Nation.  

 We believe that our Nation and its founding principles, its Traditions, and its Christian roots, are under attack like never before. 
We want nothing more than to serve like-minded Patriots who want to spend their hard earned $$$ in alignment with their values. 

We are as sick of "woke" corporations as you are (especially those that sell shaving razors), which is why Patriot Shave was founded.  We hope to help make our Nation a far better place than it is now. 
Thank you for your support.
Our mission is to provide a good, clean, "Patriot Shave" to every American who loves America.
Patriot Shave is a company that believes in traditional American values and the principles of freedom, individual liberty, and personal responsibility that this country was founded upon in 1776.

We value Faith.  We value Family.  We value Freedom. 

We want to help preserve, promote and restore these original American values.

If this sounds good to you, please join the Patriot Shave family and shop with a company that shares your values.