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1776 Razor Starter Kit

1776 Razor Starter Kit

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Note:  Switching from Harry's or DSC ?  The 1776 is probably NOT the razor for you -- instead we recommend our Freedom Series for a premium shave on par with these brands.

Like America, "1776" started it all for Patriot Shave. Our first razor, the 1776 gives you a quality shave at an affordable price. In fact, at less than $1.88 per refill, these blades are easy on the wallet for the budget-minded Patriot who still demands a quality shave.

  • Handle (one included): weighted, blue alloy handle with rubber grip inlays and "1776" logo
  • 1776 3-blade cartridges (three included):  Smaller cartridge profile for easy shaving up close to nose, ears and sideburns.  
    • Note:  if have a thicker beard and/or tend to clog your razor blades, we recommend our Freedom 3-blade as a better choice


Those who want a quality shave at a low price.  The 1776 is an excellent and affordable alternative to a 2-blade or 3-blade store brand razor.   Patriot on a tight budget?  We've got you covered!


Smooth, with a firmer feel.  

NOTE: The 1776 handle requires 1776 blades.  It is not compatible with Freedom series blades.



A quality shave at an affordable price? You bet.  A Patriotic alternative to other razor companies who love taking your hard earned $$$ but despise your values? No doubt.

Shop with a razor company that respects your values and that supports traditional values, not "woke" causes!  


"Great product and superb customer service. Customer for life."

-Johnny, South Carolina

"Great razor, looks good, feels good and shaves good. What more could I ask. Highly recommend."

- Jeffrey, Texas

Customer Reviews

Based on 229 reviews
Darryl E. (Marrero, LA)

1776 Razor Blade Refills

Mark M. (Raleigh, NC)
The best

Great product, great service…love the mission!

Anthony M. (Brooklyn, NY)

1776 Razor Blade Refills

Stewart G. (Haslet, TX)
Freedom Razor Blade Refills

Was not happy with my original purchase, as the refills did not match the 1776 razor I had purchased. Your company made it right by sending not only the refills to match the 1776 razor, but also the razor to match the refills I had originally purchased. You now have my loyalty. Thank you!

D.S. (Waverly, TN)
Great company but AVOID the 1776 razor blades YIKES

Purchased and used Freedom Razors for nearly a year LOVE THEM. 1776 Razors NO NO NO. They tear up your face like a cheap BIC disposable, the handle to blade set up is flimsy at best but again the shave itself? BRUTAL, bad, rough, nasty, I want my money back and will purchase more of the freedom razors.

Not sure what happened here but Patriot Shave the 1776 version a big fail. Maybe I purchased a bad batch but have a LOT of these I do NOT want to use. WOW. Photos attached blade refills left side WONT buy again. Blade Refills RIGHT side, Freedom product OUTSTANDING will buy again.

Kenneth V. (Houston, TX)
Blade refills

5 Stars- customer for life. After yall took care of me the last time (I ordered the wrong refills) Again 5 stars

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