Advertising dollars we've given to Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram: $0. Yes, ZERO.

We are committed to keeping our dollars - and yours - in the parallel economy.

And No, we don't take "woke PayPal" either (here's why.)

  • Customer Service that Actually Cares

    Call us "old school" but we operate under the premise that the customer is always right. WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK!

  • 1,200+ Verified 5-Star Reviews

    "Not only are the blades super sharp and smooth, the company has fantastic customer support, and I am happy to support a small American company that shares my values."

Dollars we've spent to promote "toxic masculinity", push Transgender ideology on our Youth, or donate to BLM: $0.

We salute one flag, and one flag only: the AMERICAN FLAG. There is no equal to "Old Glory."

We will ALWAYS stand proudly for Traditional Values: Faith, Family, Freedom & Tradition are what MAKE AMERICA GREAT!

  • Fast, Free Shipping

    99% of our orders ship within one business day (most same day). Orders $30+ ship free. Low $3 flat rate on orders <$30.

  • Military & First Responder Discount

    Discount code available during checkout. Don't use GovX but still military/veteran/LEO/first responder? Message us and we'd be honored to help.

Freedom. Forged.


America was built by working men and women with Traditional Values. Not modern day "woke" platitudes and twisted definitions of morality.

Do you support Faith, Family, Freedom & Tradition?

If so, we are here to serve you.

Available in 3- and 4-blade options.

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  • Kevin, Pennsylvania:

    "Great shave, super customer service."

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  • Johnny, South Carolina

    "Great product and superb customer service. Customer for life."

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  • Derrick, California:

    "Great razor and handle feels great in my hand. The best part is I’m not supporting some woke company!"

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  • George, Maryland:

    "The quality is excellent! Being an anti-woke company is icing on the cake!!"

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Lady Freedom Series

Freedom-loving, traditional values-holding, patriotic ladies everywhere:  these razors are for you!

Available in 3-, 4- and 5-blade cartridge.

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Rooted in Tradition, Faith-Based, and Mission Driven.

Patriot Shave exists to do business with Traditional Americans who love Traditional America.

Patriot Shave believes in traditional American values: Faith, Family, & Freedom, and Tradition are what makes American great.

And We stand for one flag, and one flag only: the American flag.


Let's be real: other razor brands LOVE taking your hard earned $$$ but they don't share your values. In fact they proudly support causes and salute flags that traditional Americans don't agree with (never have, never will!).

Patriot Shave now gives you a choice to opt out of supporting these woke corporate brands. Support Faith, Freedom, Family & Tradition instead. It is our honor to humbly serve you.

"Made in USA" Shave Cream & Soaps

Inspired by tradition and steeped in history, our shave soaps and creams are handcrafted in the USA by our friends at Heritage Hill and Duke Cannon.

Truly the most patriotic and amazingly scented shave soaps money can buy.

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American Made Bar Soaps

Manly soap that meet the high standards of hard-working men. Manufactured right here in Chandler, Arizona, USA.

Choose from 3 amazing scent profiles: Barbershop, Tobacco, and Black Amber Vanilla.

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Safety Razor Made in the USA

Made by Battle Brothers Shaving Co., our safety razors are birthed from an American manufacturing facility, made of military aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized to mil-spec MIL-A-8625 type II, class 2.

A safety razor shave you will love.

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