Patriot Shave Roadmap

Hello Patriots.

Many of you have asked us about how we are starting this business and where we plan to go with it.  Allow us to lay out how we plan to execute and grow this business.  All in the name of serving Americans who love America and all our great country has stood for since 1776 — Patriots like yourselves.

  1. Shaves for for Americans who love America.  We believe in the power of the free market economy and free speech, not Government intervention and censorship.  Patriot Shave is an American company and above all, we want to offer a product to Americans who want to shop with companies that share their values.  And that’s how we will start.
  2. Be Practical.  We will not waste money on fancy packaging or outrageous and expensive marketing videos.  We will deliver your razor in simple, low-cost packaging that will result in minimal waste.  The savings we do not spend on fancy packaging (which goes right into the trash anyway) gets passed on to you.
  3. Be Positive.  Patriot Shave is born out of love for our country and a desire to restore its traditional values.  Our business was not born out of hate for other American businesses. 
  4. Upgrade the quality and selection of our razors.  Once we get our initial customer base established and start to grow our sales, we have all sorts of ambitions.  We want to increase the quality of our razors and expand our product lineup.  Due to the fact that razor manufacturing in the U.S.A. was shipped overseas a long time ago, some of our razors will unfortunately not be American made.  But we are committed to selling "American Made" razors and accessories to the greatest extent possible.
  5. Make Razors in America Again.  Could it happen again one day?  We prefer to “underpromise and overdeliver” we also believe it is good to set ambitious goals.  Making our own razors right here in the good ole’ USA is no small feat.  But how wonderful would that be.  Just as other products were outsourced to far away overseas locations and are now coming back to being made in America, so too can razors.  If not us, then who?  Let’s dream big.

Of course, we also want to give back, which is why we have pledged 1% for Patriots.

If this sounds good to you, we invite you to join us and become a Patriot Shave customer.  We are here for Americans who love America.  We are grateful for your support.

Shave like a Patriot!

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