Razors Made in the USA

Do they exist?  Well, outside of some straight blade and safety razors, the answer is no.  “Made in the USA” razors do not exist, let alone from companies who support Freedom, promote individual Liberty, and back traditional American values.  Sad!  the reality is that, like many things these days, U.S. manufacturing for razor handles and cartridges was sent overseas a long time ago.  It’s a crying shame. 

But we are not deterred.  We sell many incredible American made products (check out our shave cream, shave soaps, bar soaps, safety razor handle and more -- all made in America!!!), but not all of our razors are Made in the USA.....yet!  

Truth be told, we’d like nothing more than to bring “Made in the USA” — and Patriotism and pride for this country and our traditional values — back to the razor industry.  What could be better than a Patriot Shave razor with a “made in USA” stamp on it?  We would love one day for Patriot Shave razors to be Made in the USA, for Americans who love America.  But manufacturing razors in the USA is no small feat.  It likely requires millions, if not tens of millions of dollars to make it happen.  Which is why, for now, our Patriot Shave cartridge razors are sourced outside of the USA.

This said, we want you to know that by shopping at Patriot Shave, you are still supporting a business whose purpose is to support Americans who love America. Our razors are for Americans who love America.  WE ARE A FREEDOM LOVING, PATRIOTIC ALTERNATIVE TO "WOKE" CORPORATIONS WHO LOVE TAKING YOUR HARD EARNED $$$ BUT WHO DO NOT ALIGN WITH YOUR VALUES.

We are a small startup business with big ambitions.  Do we want to source our razors from overseas like every other razor company you know? No.  Do we have a choice?  No.  But we’ve got to start somewhere.  Buy a Patriot Shave razor today and help us begin the journey to making razors in American again.  We look forward to that day!

We appreciate your support. 

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