Patriot Shave’s Committment to “Alternative” Social Media

You won’t find a Facebook or Instagram or TikTok logo on this site.  Why?  Well, you are probably already aware that these platforms are now censorship-laden echo chambers that don’t like to permit content that is out of sync with their (or the Government's) "approved" views.  It is no secret that today’s social media platforms have become politically biased platforms that are downright hostile towards many Patriotic ideals.  While they are “woke”, Patriot Shave is wide awake. We believe in free markets and free speech, and we are here to serve Americans who love America. 

This is why Patriot Shave is committed to building our business outside of traditional social media channels.  We want to share our message and promote our business where our fellow Patriots are.  And that is increasingly NOT Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.  The thing is, when it comes to reaching customers, the advertising and targeting capabilities of Facebook and Instagram are excellent.  And we know that there are still many Patriots on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, because they don’t mind taking the fight deep into enemy territory.  On that mindset, we are with you.

Overall, we encourage Patriots to make the leap and leave toxic censorship-laden platforms and explore alternatives that support freedom of speech.

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