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Lady Patriot Shave Razor

Lady Patriot Shave Razor

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Traditional values-holding-, freedom-loving, patriotic ladies everywhere -- we heard you!  Patriot Shave's newest razor - designed specifically for a woman - is here.  If you love a smooth, silky, soft-gliding shave -- then you'll love this razor.

Patriot Shave Lady 5-blade disposable razors come in packs of three or six and are designed to follow the gentle curves and graceful contours of women’s bodies.  A protective plastic blade cover is included with each razor. 

Like all our razors, your Lady Patriot shave is backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee.


"Great product and superb customer service. Customer for life."

-Johnny, South Carolina

"Awesome blades and smooth patriotic shave, with no 'woke' residue."

- John, New Hampshire

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anonymous (Sacramento, US)
Razor Used by: Woman
Thank you!

Really great product and quck delivery. Free gift was appreciated.! Time to bulid a parralell economy and Patriot Shave is a good start.

Carole M. (Solon, US)
Razor Used by: Woman
Best shave ever!

I ordered Lady Patriot Shave Razors because I love supporting patriotic American companies, and I figured, even if I don't like them I'm not out much money. But I LOVE them- from the packaging and sweet note, to the razors themselves! Literally the most comfortable and smoothest shave my legs have ever had!

  • Fast, Low, Flat Rate Shipping

    99% of our orders ship within one business day (most same day). And we like to keep things simple here at Patriot Shave, which is why we charge a low, flat rate of only $3 on orders under $30.

    We know Patriots work hard every day, and we do the same for you!

  • Rooted In Tradition

    Patriot Shave exists to do business with Americans who love America and all the goodness that our great country has stood for since 1776. Shop with a company that respects and amplifies your values, not a woke corporation that despises you (but is all too happy to take your hard earned money)!

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    As "Patriots serving Patriots", we stand behind our products and want you to be happy with your Patriot Shave.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your shave, please contact us and we will be glad to send you another blade option, at no charge.