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Lady Freedom 3-Blade Refills

Lady Freedom 3-Blade Refills

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SHAVE WITH FREEDOM.  A no-frills, affordably priced women's 3-blade razor. Auto-ship option now available.

  • 3-blades + Aloe + Vitamin E glide strip
  • Open style back for easy rinsing
  • Packed in convenient storage trays (4 blades per tray)

"Great product and superb customer service. Customer for life."

-Johnny, South Carolina

"Great razor, looks good, feels good and shaves good. What more could I ask. Highly recommend."

- Jeffrey, Texas

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Hailey (Columbus, OH)
Blade Type: 3-Blade
Great razors

Been using these razors for a few weeks now and have not had this smooth of a shave ever. Even on sensitive areas it is gentle but smooth and hardly ever causes nicks or razor bumps. The aloe strips are a nice addition. Definitely recommending to other women.

Aimee 0. (Calhoun, GA)
Blade Type: 3-Blade
Excellent razor!

I have dark, course hair, and this razor is awesome!

Kate (Frederick, MD)
Blade Type: 3-Blade

I love these blades. I wish you offered a subscription option so I didn’t have to think about reordering

Hi. We just rolled out subscription/auto-ship for the Lady 3-blades this week, you may sign up when ready and not have to worry about re-ordering any more. Thanks for your good words and support.

Ken L. (Virginia Beach, VA)
Blade Type: 4-Blade
Four Blades Are Perfect!

I ordered the 4-blade razors when they were back in stock. While waiting for them to arrive, I purposely put a five day growth on my face so that I could get a 'true' perspective on just how good the 4-blade shaver would perform. My experience wasn't good at was GREAT! I really like the 4-blade over the 3-blade because, for me, that extra blade helps provide a clean smooth stroke each time. My beard / whiskers can get pretty thick and stubborn, but the 4-blade cuts through all the stubble the first time and then does a really great cleanup with any following strokes. Overall, I'm completely satisfied and very happy with the results. During and after my shave, the blades clean up really nice without leaving a bunch of residue between the blades. My next 'testing', if you will, is to see how many shaves I can get out of a 4-blade. Of course, my mileage may vary from what other's experience, but if I can get two to three weeks out of each blade, I'll be a happy camper. The sculpturing blade on top is very nice for those 'in close' areas that are hard to reach with just the razor. Patriot Shave blades are the way to go...for me, anyway.

Nancy R. (Minneapolis, MN)
Blade Type: 3-Blade
Best razor I have ever used!

Excellent quality and feel of the handle and blades. The shave is so smooth and gentle. I will never purchase another and plan to give as a gift to my daughters and daughter in-laws.

Melisia A. (Jacksonville, AL)
Blade Type: 3-Blade
Excellent Razor

These razors are AMAZING! I absolutely love it. Support true Patriots and not these WOKE companies. Thanks Patriot Shave for an amazing product.

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