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Freedom 4-Blade Refills (8 pack)

Freedom 4-Blade Refills (8 pack)

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The Freedom 4-blade razor cartridge glides smoothly over faces and contours.  

  • Aloe + Vitamin E lubrication strip - smooth glide 
  • 4 high quality blades - no scraping or tugging!
  • Trimmer/edging blade for hard-to-reach places
  • Convenient storage tray for extra blades

These razors pair exclusively with our new textured, rubber-gripped Freedom Handle.

Refill pack comes with 2 trays, each tray containing 4 blades (8 blades total).

Note: these 4-blade cartridges only fits Freedom 4-blade handle.  They are not compatible with our 1776 razor handles.


"Awesome blades and smooth patriotic shave, with no woke residue."

- John, New Hampshire -

Customer Reviews

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Rocky Justice
Great shave

First time buyer. Received package fast. Great shave. Will continue to purchase this product.



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