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Welcome, Truth Social patriot!

Are you sick of giving you hard earned $$$ to "woke" razor brands that don't share your values?  So are We.

It's time to Shave like a Patriot.

Quality razors at affordable prices - 3- and 4-blade options

Satisfaction Guaranteed - no buyer's remorse

All Freedom, No "Woke" - align your spending with your Values

100+ 5 Star Reviews

We don't give a dime of advertising $$$ to Facebook, YouTube Google, or Instagram!

(and we don't accept payments though Woke PayPal, either!)

We are committed to helping build the Parallel Economy for Patriots.

"[xyz razor brand] does not align with my values"

We know. They don't align with ours, either. Here at Patriot Shave we believe in Family, Faith, & Freedom.

You know, those "Traditional Values" that are so under attack right now.

We are here to do business with patriotic, traditional Americans who love America.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As "Patriots serving Patriots", we are here to build enduring relationships with You, our customers.

We recognize that not all faces are the same, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your shave, please contact us ( and we will be glad to send you another blade and/or handle option, no questions asked and at no cost to you.

We will make sure you get a blade and handle combo that works for you, no matter what.

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Shave with Freedom!

Traditional razors, for Traditional Americans, who love Traditional America.

It's as simple as that. Stop giving your hard earned $$$ to companies who despise your values.

Our newest handle and smoothest shave: Freedom Forged.

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The MkII handle: Made in the USA.

The razor that started it all. Our new 3-blades are smooth and clean.

Why Patriot Shave?

Quality razors at affordable prices

Loves America, Supports Freedom

Tradition-inspired razor handles

Purchase "on demand"

"Customer is always right"

Satisfaction Guaranteed





Patriot Shave Soaps, Handcrafted in America

Inspired by tradition and patriotism, , our shave soaps are handcrafted in the USA by our friends at Heritage Hill Shave Company.

Truly the most patriotic and amazingly scented shave soaps money can buy.

Choose from 5 amazing scents and goregous patriotic labels.

Lady Patriot Razors

Freedom-loving, traditional values-holding, patriotic ladies everywhere:  we heard you! 

Patriot Shave's newest razor, designed specifically for you, ladies -- is here.  If you love a smooth, silky shave, we think you'll love this razor.

Available in 3- and 6-packs

Patriots Shave Reviews

"Great product and superb customer service. Customer for life."

Johnny, South Carolina

Verified Buyer

"Awesome blades and smooth patriotic shave, with no 'woke' residue."

John, New Hampshire

Verified Buyer

"It’s a great razor at a good price. Can’t say much more than that."

Jay, Chicago

Verified Buyer

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