Affiliate Program

What's In It for You?

Free products. We will send you Patriot Shave razor(s) up front, to keep and use as you see fit. 

12% Discount Code for your Followers. Select your own unique discount code and share it with your followers who will get 12% off all our Razor Starter Kits and Lady Razors.

15% Commission for You. We will pay you a generous 15% on all Orders which use your Custom Discount Code, up to your first $1,000 of commissions earned.  We'll pay you 10% after that.

We are easy to work with.  As "Patriots serving Patriots", we prefer to work with you on the understanding that "a handshake is a man's word".  If the arrangement isn't working for either of us, we'll settle up what's owed and move on our separate ways like gentlemen, no hard feelings.

Why Patriot Shave?

A Patriotic Brand and Affordable Product that Patriots LoveWe sell a range of quality shaving razors at affordable prices.  This includes 3- 4- and 5-blade cartridge razors for men and women, shave cream, shave soaps, shave brushes and more.  Most of our products are made right here in America.

All Freedom, no "woke".   Patriot Shave exists to do business with Traditional Americans who love Traditional America.  Patriot Shave is a patriotic alternative to other razor brands who love taking your hard earned $$$ but do not share your values.  We only work with patriots who share our values of Faith, Family, Freedom & Tradition.

Patriots LOVE our products.  We have 150+ Verified 5-Star Reviews and we stand behind our products with a Satisfaction Guarantee and 5-Star Customer Support.  Which is to say we treat our customers the way we want to be treated - with honesty, integrity and respect.

What do we Ask in Return?

  1. Simply share your enthusiasm for Patriot Shave with your Followers. 
  2. We also ask that you 1) Follow us back (@patriotshave) and 2) share your creative (e.g. video/photo) with us so that we can use it as well.
 Affiliate Commitment Affiliate Reward
1x Instagram Post / Reel

Freedom Forged Starter Kit

+ 15% Commission on Sales

2x Instagram Posts / Reels

Freedom Forged Starter Kit

+ 1776 Starter Kit or Freedom 4-Blade Refill Pack

+ 15% Commission on Sales


"Shave Like a Patriot" Beard Challenge

We also give a Shave Brush and handcrafted Shave Soap of your choosing in exchange for a short (<2 min) "Before & After" video showing that you shaved your beard with a Patriot Shave razor and include hashtag #patriotshave. 





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